Chatteris chippy Peter Petrou successful on appeal to build four homes behind ‘rather unattractive’ fish and chip shop in Leverington

Peter Petrou has been on successful on appeal to build four homes behind Leverington fish and chip s

Peter Petrou has been on successful on appeal to build four homes behind Leverington fish and chip shop in Perry Road. - Credit: Archant

A Government inspector has ruled that four homes can be built on land behind what he describes as a “rather unattractive, flat roofed single-storey” fish and chip shop.

Peter Petrou was refused permission by Fenland District Council for the houses at 41 Perry Road, Leverington, but has won his bid on appeal.

Jonathan Price of the Planning Inspectorate dismissed objections by the district council who had claimed adverse affects on the character and appearance of the area if building was allowed.

The council also queried whether the housing is appropriately located in relation to flood risk.

Mr Price said the council had not been against development in principle but felt the position of them would be significantly back from the existing building line along Perry Road and “out of character and incongruous”.

But the inspector said the site was adequate for the four “modestly-scaled houses” and these would be neither cramped nor incongruous.

“The existing fish and shop itself is rather unattractive but there would be no harm arising from the view of the proposed new dwellings to the rear,” he said.

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He also felt that with adequate management and safety measures, flooding is not an issue.

The inspector also addressed the issue of whether it was amenity land but insisted “the site is private, with no right of access onto it. The proposal would not result in the loss of public open space and a play area for children”.

However Mr Perry said there conditions that should be applied and listed nine that needed to be satisfied.

The site comprises an area of approximately 849 square metres.

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