Carelessly discarded cigarette causes Wisbech flat fire

A CARELESSLY discarded cigarette caused fire to spread to a flat in Wisbech.

The smouldering cigarette butt had been thrown into the contents of a bin which was stored underneath the property.

Flames then spread to the drainpipe of the building and then to the High Street flat itself.

Luckily fire crews arrived early enough to extinguish the blaze within minutes of an emergency call at 2.47pm on Monday (July 28).

However Wisbech Fire Station watch manager Phil Pilbeam said it could have been much worse.

The fire officer said: “Even when a cigarette end has been extinguished it is still hot enough to cause a fire, especially if you discard it carelessly into a bin containing flammable material.”

He added it is even more dangerous when people store bins near to their home.

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Mr Pilbeam said: “This makes it much easier for the fire to spread to the building, Where possible, residents should store their bins in a secure area away from buildings.”