Cambs County Council launches 2020 Vision for Wisbech - and it will be created by the community

A ‘2020 Vision’ created by the community to rejuvenate Wisbech was launched today when Cambridgeshire County Council’s Cabinet held its historic meeting in the town.

Today’s meeting at the Boathouse Business Centre was the first time Cabinet met outside of Cambridge since the authority was formed in the 1970s.

The Vision, announced by council leader Nick Clarke, is the culmination of talks and work between the county council, Fenland District Council and NE Cambs MP Steve Barclay.

Cambridgeshire County Council leader Nick Clarke, said: “This is a joint initiative that Steve Barclay, Alan Melton and myself believe needs to be created. It is something we all have been working on for sometime.

“But this will not be a vision belonging to me, or this cabinet, or our MP or the leader of Fenland District Council. It will be a vision created within the community and shared by the community.

“This group will be made up of a diverse range of people including community representatives, civil and business leaders as well as academics. All looking to do the best for Wisbech.

“It will look at where we are now and where we want to be. More importantly it will look at how we are going to get there. The group will examine the challenges facing the whole of the town, its communities and local industry.

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“We will have hard facts and evidence to see what is happening and what can be done. It will create a vision that we can all work to. It will build on the good work that has gone on before. It will deal with deprivation in this community and help support economic growth.

“This vision will build on all of this good work and I for one look forward to seeing it take shape and playing our part in making this a reality.”

Cllr Melton said: “All of us have been working hard in schemes and projects to improve the quality of life for residents, including communities in and around Wisbech.

“This Vision will support that good work and millions of pounds of investment that has been targeted in the area and will come from the local community and be shaped by them. It will give us a clear picture of where we are, what can be achieved as well as what the community wants Wisbech to be like.

“We know that Fenland people are passionate about the place they live and equally we are fed up with people writing off the area. This is an exciting opportunity to shape our future and to think big. We all want to see a prosperous Fenland and Wisbech and now we have the means to all pull together to achieve that.”

Mr Barclay, said: “Wisbech is a vitally important town with a working port, a historic centre, and a thriving community. This vision will not only show where we are but provide an important road map to where we want to go.

“What is good about this vision is that it will be created by the community that live in and around Wisbech. I am determined to raise the profile of Wisbech nationally, and make sure its community are treated fairly.

“I am pleased that, together with Cambridgeshire County Council and Fenland District Council, we can make this happen.”