Letter: Police 'turn a blind eye' to anti-social behaviour

Reader Joe Marden believes Cambridgeshire Constabulary 'turn a blind eye' to anti-social behaviour in the town.

Despite a police crack down on the use of illegal e-scooters in Wisbech, reader Joe Marden believes Cambridgeshire Constabulary 'turn a blind eye' to anti-social behaviour in the town. - Credit: POLICE

Police 'turn a blind eye' to anti-social behaviour

Well, the keystone cops of Cambridgeshire have really pushed the boat out using tax payers money.

As reported in the July 9 edition of the Wisbech Standard the Cambridgeshire police can now talk openly about their mental health issues cos they have a wellbeing and trauma support Dog called Holly.

PC Paul Roe said: "During Holly's training, I have had the pleasure of witnessing how she encourages people to discuss experiences that have impacted their mental wellbeing."

What planet do the people in charge of spending tax payers money live on?

We are constantly told there is a shortage of funding for Cambridgeshire police yet they spend money on a "wellbeing dog".

That has costs involved such as the purchase of said dog, the training of said dog, food and lodgings for said dog, vets bills for said dog etc, including taking a live police officer from normal everyday duties.

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Whilst I understand there is shortage of taxpayers money for the police, they have had no problem increasing their take from our council tax pot by an extra 6.4 per cent this year.

Yet they still deliver an absolute shambles of a police force. Let's take my local police force for example: Wisbech police.

In Wisbech there is a huge problem with drugs being dealt on the streets including the park where many children play and outside of a local school.

However, if you ever see a local police officer on foot patrol or, as is more common, cruising around town in a car or van and stop them to report offenses taking place, what do they do?

Nothing, yet a few weeks ago the Wisbech police congratulated themselves on a major drugs bust in Norfolk Street.

Really? They had been driving past it for weeks on end and never smelt a thing - outstanding gentleman!!

Whilst anti-social behavior is in most towns, the Wisbech police turn a blind eye unless of course you are a 10-year-old boy riding a pushbike through the thoroughfare then look out they will be waiting!

One major piece of anti-social behavior is the onslaught of electric scooters being ridden everywhere in Wisbech: on roads, though the town park, paths and alleyways but wait, the Wisbech police issued one rider with a section 59 warning.

My god, can you imagine being given a section 59 warning? Your life would be over - no job prospects, possibly shamed by your family, even sacked from your job. Wow.

My wife was nearly hit by an electric scooter rider on Clarkson Avenue recently whilst she was walking on the FOOTPATH.

When she informed the teenager that it was dangerous to ride on the pavement, she was met with a torrent of abuse.

Not being fluent in foreign languages she couldn't understand the full reply but the second word was definitely off.

We also hear that a 56-year-old man was bought up on drink driving charges following an incident whilst riding an e-scooter ( well done the Wisbech police).

Yet we have a female mitigating do-gooder whining about him being nicked.

You can't make it up. Let's hope the lady do-gooder's elderly mother doesn't get injured - as in a recent event where an elderly lady was badly hurt and is now afraid to leave her house.

Last, but by no means least, the illegal parking that takes place in nearly every street in Wisbech - especially outside of schools and in the town centre despite there being three FREE massive car parks.

On many occasions I have - as I'm sure many people have - witnessed the Wisbech police ignore any form of illegal parking as they can't be bothered with the paperwork involved or they are on an emergency call to McDonald's.

This illegal parking all over Wisbech causes many problems for people including the emergency services on an emergency call, putting the lives of children at risk outside schools, and people trying to get in and out of their properties.

Now, this problem could be solved if the police handed over this illegal parking to the Wisbech/Fenland councils who could, in turn, employ the services (free of charge) of a private parking enforcement company who could actually earn these councils money.

The money could then be used to improve things for the residents of Wisbech and those in surrounding areas who fall under the Wisbech/Fenland councils' footprint.

Oh, one last thing from the July 9 edition, I should mention to ex-servicemen like myself.

Go check all your old service gear to ensure you have no live ammunition or explosives in an old jacket pocket.

Because, if you get caught, you will probably go down for a stretch... unlike the ex-police and crime commissioner Jason Ablewhite who, on evidence that was gathered, walked away scot free.

The people of Wisbech and the surrounding areas deserve more from the Cambridgeshire police. 

Winston Churchill told the House of Commons on March 7, 1916, "it's no use saying we're doing our best. You have to succeed in doing what is necessary".

Joe Marden, ex-paratrooper