Portable cabin could be new village shop for residents in Murrow

RESIDENTS of Murrow who been without a village shop for three years could soon have somewhere to buy every day essentials.

Newsagent Aaron Pollington wants permission from Fenland District Council to use an existing portable cabin in the grounds of his home at 35 Front Road to sell provisions.

Mr Pollington runs A L Pollington, Newsagents, a newspaper delivery service based at Manor Lodge. The delivery service has been going for more than 100 years and currently delivers to around 570 customers daily, seven days a week.

The cabin has been on site since February 2009 being used for the storage and sorting of newspapers before they are loaded into a van for delivery. Currently no newspapers are sold from there.

If given the go-ahead, Mr Pollington wants to sell a selection of items including newspapers and magazines, milk, bread, soft drinks, sweets, tinned foods, toiletries, pet food, stationary, stamps and tobacco.

It might also be possible for Mr Pollington to expand the newspaper delivery service to include goods from the shop being delivered to residents with their newspapers.

Mr Pollington believes his home is ideally placed in the centre of the village and residents can easily walk to the proposed shop. There are also two parking spaces on the site.