Parson Drove could be home to the latest craze of Ti-Pee camping if Fenland Council agrees

Parson Drove camp site plan

Parson Drove camp site plan - Credit: Archant

A would-be holiday entrepreneur is hoping to cash in on the latest craze of Ti-Pee camping by opening a new site at Parson Drove.

Parson Drove camp site plan

Parson Drove camp site plan - Credit: Archant

Alan Dixon is also planning to use a redundant barn at Manor Farm, Church End, as a tea room.

Fenland planners are now considering his application which his agent Gareth Edwards says will be financed by selling off two building plots to the front of the site.

“This is the key to the business development of the site and will have no impact on the rest of the land and should be seen as planning gain,” says Mr Edwards.

Also included in the proposals is the conversion of a disused railway carriage on the site to be used for holiday lets.

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Not everyone though is happy with the idea of a camp site – a neighbour has lodged her objections with the district council.

Thelma Taylor said she would never have moved there “if there had been even an inkling of a campsite this close to the property”.

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In a letter to the council she expresses concern about the business becoming successful that could increase in size “very quickly encroaching on the area behind our rear boundary.”

Noise, traffic and rubbish are listed as some of her fears but she also points out that “holidaymakers are out to have fun, let off steam and enjoy themselves but this should not be at the expense of the locality”.

Mrs Taylor points out that a recent village survey showed 99 per cent of people were against more development in Church End.

She also says that if Mr Dixon’s plans are approved she will want to question why the council would not allow her own annexe to be used for holiday lets. The reason given was it would be unacceptable “in view of the existing character of the locality”.

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