Developer wanting to build 150 homes in Wisbech refuses to agree levels of affording housing, education and health care, says Fenland Council

First proposed in 2012, developers now want to get permission agreed for 149 homes off the Old Lynn

First proposed in 2012, developers now want to get permission agreed for 149 homes off the Old Lynn Road, Wisbech. But FDC says they refuse to sign a 106 agreement so believe councillors should refuse the application. Picture; APPLICANTS - Credit: Archant

A bid to build 149 homes in Wisbech could fail because the applicants refuse to agree the levels of affordable housing for the site.

The 15 acre site of east of 46 Old Lynn Road was first considered for housing seven years ago.

Ashley King Developments will put the application to the planning committee of Fenland District Council next week.

Officers say the scheme includes retail provision, open spaces, and landscaping but not enough commitment to providing affordable housing and contributions to healthcare, waste recycling and education.

"For a period of over six months despite assurances, the applicant has provided no evidence of being able to deliver such an agreement," says a report to councillors.

In the absence of such an agreement the proposal is considered contrary to the Fenland Local Plan.

Approximately two thirds of the site is open agricultural land, the remaining third, the south-west corner, is occupied by an agricultural nursery, which consists of a number of agricultural glass houses and warehouse buildings.

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The planning application was originally submitted in July 2012. At that time, it proposed up to 150 homes and retail development of up to 2,000m² floor space.

Following concerns about the impact of the retail element on the vitality and viability of the town centre, flood risk and requirement for further supporting information the proposals were subsequently revised to propose a similar amount of housing but retail floor space has been reduced to a maximum of 910 sq m floor space.

The proposed retail development would comprise a mini supermarket, of around 350 sq m, and three other smaller store of around 190 sqm.

The smaller stores may now also include A3 (café or restaurant) and A5 (hot food take-away) uses, up to a maximum floor space of 561 sq m.

The proposed access is located approximately 108m north of the junction with Old Lynn Road.