Wisbech firm sets up COVID task force to step up vital supplies to companies producing urgent medical equipment

Steve Rawlins, CEO of Anglia Components, that has set up COVID taskforce Picture; ANGLIA

Steve Rawlins, CEO of Anglia Components, that has set up COVID taskforce Picture; ANGLIA - Credit: Archant

Wisbech-based Anglia Components has set up a task force to prioritise support for companies producing medical equipment - including ventilators – to tackle coronavirus.

Anglia stocks and distributes electronic components many of which are used in medical equipment such as pressure sensors.

“We are prioritising and reserving inventory of these critical components for companies manufacturing medical equipment,” said a spokesman.

“With the support of our suppliers we are expediting production and shipments of components where we don’t already have them in stock.”

On its website Anglia says it stocks over one billion components from over 900,000 product lines in the UK for same-day dispatch.

The company says it has already seen a great response from the electronics manufacturing community in the UK with many companies adapting their traditional business activities to focus on producing medical equipment. “Besides the high-profile companies reported in the national press, we are seeing many small and medium size businesses rising to the challenge,” said the spokesman.

“We are happy to be in a position to support these companies with the technical support and necessary components they require to build this critical medical equipment.

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Anglia says it new COVID task force aims to speed the design and production of ventilators and other essential medical equipment

Chief executive Steve Rawlins said: “We are doing everything that we can to get the design and production of essential medical equipment ramped up as quickly as possible.”

It said it would give “our amazing NHS staff the tools that they need to save lives”.

He added: “We have already supported several customers in ramping up production quickly on medical ventilators and other critical products.

“It is worth noting that projects that need priority go beyond the ventilators themselves. We have customers for example who are involved in manufacturing critical systems which guarantee power to this vital medical equipment.” The chief executive said Anglia holds a high level of inventory at its Wisbech, UK distribution centre.

“Many of these electronic devices are relevant for use in medical equipment,” he said.

“Where it doesn’t have stock of a required part, the Anglia COVID task force is working closely with suppliers to prioritise those deliveries.”