Brandon offers a young person’s perspective - and a positive attitude- towards developments at Waterless playground

BRANDON Mattless, the lead young artist involved with the Waterlees playground development, has contacted The Wisbech Standard to show that despite the vandalism many people are still supporting the project. Here’s his report.

I WOULD like to thank all of the children and parents who came along to show their support for the Waterlees playground.

Children and their parents watched with amazed faces as these two massive boats were lifted by crane into the play area at the new adventure playground.

Children screamed as they waited patiently to go in and explore the new additions and I must admit I’m very pleased with what they look like and I think everyone else is too.

These barges will be a class room for arts and crafts and many other fun and exciting activities. Beanbags can be chilled out on and their is a kitchen for cooking activities.

There are also toilets, showers and an office for the head playworker Reuben Francis who attended the day with Jane Leet from Cambridgeshire County Council.

I must say well done to the four men who have built these barges. It’s nice to see such good craftsmanship.