BMW fails to stop, crashes, driver flees

Driver crashed this BMW in Wisbech and fled. Police want to find who was behind the wheel. 

Driver crashed this BMW in Wisbech and fled. Police want to find who was behind the wheel. - Credit: Police Fenland

A major police operation that included a helicopter search failed to find a driver who fled a crash scene.  

Police used the helicopter and called in police dogs to try and find the driver after the Wisbech crash. 

A spokesperson for Policing Fenland said the crash happened on Thursday night when the BMW failed to stop. 

Neighbourhood officers on patrol in North Brink alerted the car to stop. 

However, when it failed to do so, police later found it crashed on Mile Tree Lane.  

The spokesperson said a National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter attended the scene to search for the driver and the BCH Police Dog Unit attended.  

“The driver was not found but enquiries are ongoing,” said the spokesperson. 

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Police called for a recovery truck to remove the car.  

It has been removed to a police compound and now police are attempting to track the owner but they have not ruled out it being stolen. 

“The vehicle was seized,” said the spokesperson. 

And they added their usual warning that “we can’t be everywhere, but we could be anywhere. 

“To report any concerns, you’ve got in your community, visit” 

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