Bingo row rolls into another week as Walpole St Andrew couple fight for £10,000 prize money

Ron Price outside Winners Bingo hall

Ron Price outside Winners Bingo hall - Credit: Archant

A bingo row continues to roll after a plumber who missed out on a £10,000 win approached a solicitor and the Gaming Commission in a bid to be given the money he says he is entitled to.

The story of Ron Price, who called out for a £10,000 line but did not get his prize, has hit national headlines and prompted a petition to the club owners to give him the money.

Mr Price and his wife Denise are big bingo fans and have been playing at the Wisbech Winners club up to three times a week for eight years.

“We have had a letter from the club asking us if we would like it to be taken further so we have to wait and see what happens now,” said Mrs Price.

The couple say Mr Price called out when he got the fifth number in a line for the massive win as part of a national link up game.

A checker at Winners went to verify his card and the excited crowd looked to the manager to stop the game that is relayed to independent clubs across the country.

But the manager did not react, according to the couple, and instead the host caller who was running the link-up game, continued to read the numbers and seconds later the line was won by a player from another bingo club.

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A spokesman for Winners Bingo said: “We wish to clarify the position with regard to the claim. The company has written to the customer summarising the complaints and dispute procedure according to the Gambling Commission Rules.

“It has also received a number of letters of support from other customers.

“Winners Bingo reiterates that the rules of bingo clearly state that any player must unequivocally stop the caller and that the caller’s decision is final. The Wisbech Club manager announced immediately before the disputed game that players must ensure that ‘any claims are loud and clear’.