Benefit claimant caught in possession of heroin outside Wisbech home after police received tip-off

POLICE found heroin on Alan Coleman after receiving a tip-off that he was dealing drugs outside his home, a court was told.

He was in possession of two wraps of the class A drug - but there were no drugs inside his Wisbech residence.

Coleman lives on benefits and admits to spending between �20 and �25 a day on drugs, Fenland magistrates were told.

“He receives income support and disability allowance due to mental health issues,” solicitor George Sorrell said.

“He has an ongoing problem with drugs; he does not regard it as a serious problem, but I venture to suggest that any habit that leads to arrest and criminal charges does equate to a problem.

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“He was found outside his own home in possession of a small amount of class A drugs for his own use.”

Police went to Coleman’s home in Southwell Road just after 11.30am on November 9, said prosecutor Andrea Fawcett.

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“Police had received information that he was alleged to be dealing in drugs outside his home address,” she said. “He was searched and two wraps of heroin were found, weighing 0.46g. A search was carried out in his home address, nothing else was found.

“He said he bought the wraps for �20, not knowing what they were. He admitted using cocaine and heroin on a regular basis, spending �20 to �25 a day on drugs.”

Magistrates adjourned sentencing for the probation service to prepare a report and investigate the possibility of Coleman being given a drug rehabilitation order. He is due back in court on January 26.

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