Beagle puppies freed at MBR Acres after second day of action

There has been a second day of action at MBR Acres in Wyton.

There has been a second day of action at MBR Acres in Wyton. - Credit: AFM

Supporters from the Animal Freedom Movement say they have freed five beagles from the MBR Acres dog breeding facility in Wyton after a second day of action.

In the early hours of this morning  (Monday), Animal Freedom Movement (AFM) occupied the Marshall BioResources' (MBR) puppy farm near Huntingdon for a second day. 

In a statement, the group said: "A project supported by Animal Rebellion, successfully liberated five beagles, who otherwise, would have likely been used and eventually killed in animal testing experiments."

The Animal Freedom Movement first took action against MBR Acres on Sunday by organising in a mass trespass. It is demanding that MBR shut down the facility and rehome the dogs. They also called on the British Government to commit to phasing out all animal testing and sale of animal-tested products by 2025.

Dr Lindsay Marshall, biomedical science advisor to the Humane Society International UK, has recently stated "The UK cannot expect to have world-leading science innovation whilst we rely on failing animal-based research methods that are rooted in the past." 

Earlier this morning, Animal Freedom Movement accessed sheds containing young beagles and liberated five dogs. 

AFM says in 2020, 2.88 million instances of animal testing were recorded in the UK [2]. 4,340 of these were carried out on dogs, with 4,270 of these on beagles like those bred by MBR Acres. The procedures often result in vomiting, internal bleeding, organ damage and seizures; the tests can last for months, after which the dogs are killed.

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AFM urge anyone who supports an end to animal testing to attend a peaceful demonstration outside The Home Office on Monday June 27th at 4.30pm.

The Hunts Post has approached Cambridgeshire Police and MBR Acres for comment.