Bar manager assaulted by drunken woman who was refused more booze

A DRUNKEN woman who launched herself over the bar of a Wisbech pub and assaulted a bar manager after being refused more booze could be facing custody, magistrates have warned.

Carla Ridgewell had earlier been told to calm down, but became confrontational, the court heard.

Prosecutor Andrea Fawcett said: “She went to the bar drunk, and was refused another drink.

“She seemed to accept it, but they tried to persuade another member of staff to serve her, and again she was refused.”

When the assistant bar manager asked Ridgewell to leave, the 30-year-old went over the bar, knocking things off.

She shouted and swore, said Ms Fawcett. She launched herself at the manager and grabbed her neck and hair. Two customers intervened, and she let go.

In a victim statement, the bar manager said: “I feared for my safety. I have never been attacked before for the sake of a pint.”

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Ridgewell, of West Parade, Wisbech, admitted a charge of assault.

Mitigating, George Sorrell said: “She was ashamed of herself; she felt her behaviour was awful, in attacking this lady. It was truly out of character.

He said Ridgewell had been persuaded to go out: “She did not drink a lot, but clearly it was enough to make her intoxicated, she does not normally drink.

“She lashed out at this lady doing her job, and the woman was quite shocked.”

Adjourning sentencing until February 9, presiding magistrate Peter Waterfield told Ridgewell: “We are not ruling out custody.”