Assault victim “saw stars” after attack by Wisbech man who climbed through window

FURIOUS Stuart Howlett climbed through a window at his ex-partner’s home before assaulting her new boyfriend in a bid to throw him out.

Howlett punched the man several times and wrestled him to the ground, Fenland magistrates heard this week.

“He lost his temper because he saw another man there,” solicitor Tim Bartlam explained to the court. “His intention was to get the man out of the house and he lost his temper.”

Appearing at Fenland Magistrates’ Court 33-year-old Howlett, of Bath Road, Wisbech, admitted a charge of assault.

Howlett’s victim had arrived at the woman’s home around 10pm and had intended to stay for the weekend. He heard the woman scream and saw Howlett coming towards him in an aggressive manner.

“As he got up, the defendant threw two or three punches with his right fist, causing him to fall back on the floor, he landed on his back,” said prosecutor Scheherazade Haque.

“When punched he could see stars and felt pain in his face. Howlett stood over him and punched him again.”

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Howlett’s victim suffered a red mark and lump to his forehead, a bruised face and a minor chip to a tooth.

In a statement to police, Howlett said he had been angry because he felt his ex-partner had broken their agreement not to have people staying overnight when the children were present.

“He climbed through the window because the door was locked,” added Miss Haque. “He walked in the sitting room, punched his victim, wrestled him to the ground and punched him a few more times.”

Mr Bartlam said: He lost his temper because he saw another man there, in conflict of their agreement. Clearly the break up of the relationship had a profound affect on his thinking processes.”

The court adjourned sentencing until November 2 for a report to be prepared.