As police arrest man in Wisbech Park for exposing himself near children’s play area, residents want more drunks arrested too

Wisbech Park where police have arrested a man who exposed himself near to the children's play area.

Wisbech Park where police have arrested a man who exposed himself near to the children's play area. PHOTO: Wisbech Police - Credit: Archant

Police have been urged to go further and tackle other forms of anti social and criminal behaviour in Wisbech Park after reporting they’d arrested a man who exposed himself there today.

A police spokesman said the arrest happened at 10.45am when they received a report of a man seen exposing himself near to the children’s play park.

A police spokesman said: “A male was arrested by officers and taken to The Police Investigation Centre at Kings Lynn.

“Inquiries continue”.

But following their report of the incident on their Facebook page, police were challenged about dealing with other issues in the park and in other parts of the town.

One woman told them: “I walked through the park the other day and there were two men either drunk or high laying on the wall with beer cans scattered around them.

“It was 11 o’clock in the morning.”

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Another resident said: “I can’t see why more isn’t being done about the drunks in St Peter’s and in the park.

“What happened to common decency in this country?”

He added: “I think the public should have better protection and less restraint on doing things for themselves i.e. citizen’s arrest and so forth but then I would probably get done for invading a human right or something.”

Others had been in the park today and a woman said the incident of the man exposing himself “was reported by a member of the public.

“Perhaps the police might address the drunkard bunch at St Peter’s Gardens for doing the same?”

Another Wisbech resident said she was in the park with her grandchildren and both she and another visitor reported the man to police for exposing himself.

Another resident told police; “There needs to be a bigger police presence around the public areas in town. Drink and exposure is getting bad.

“Why is more not done about it and please don’t say no money.”

Another said: “Well done to the police but this happens most days somewhere in town.”

One other post said “Wisbech deserves better behaviour from some of its inhabitants. It is so sad and disappointing.”