Artists to tell the tale on responding to environmental disaster in Wisbech

Keepers: After Dystopia, created by Mandy Caldon. Picture: PETER KING

Keepers: After Dystopia, created by Mandy Caldon. Picture: PETER KING - Credit: Archant

Artists displaying their work in the Anthropocene exhibition at Octavia Hill’s Birthplace House in Wisbech are set to tell the story of their creative response to environmental catastrophe.

Green Hell by Volker Patent. Picture: PETER KING

Green Hell by Volker Patent. Picture: PETER KING - Credit: Archant

Members of the Precious Earth Art Collective - who believe that "unless humanity addresses the current environmental issues it will face apocalyptic destruction" - will explain the background to the works that are on show at the museum at 7 South Brink.

The four artists including the collective's founder and sculptor, Mandy Caldon, together with Mike Paul, Volker Patent and Ant Sauchella will discuss their own contributions to the show and their interpretations of the eco crisis from 2.30pm on Saturday June 15.

Their exhibition, which runs until Monday June 24, features ceramics, mixed media, digital artwork and textiles.

Curator Mandy Caldon said: "The title of the exhibition, 'Anthropocene: of our own making', is taken from the name given to the current geological period, meaning the age of mankind, and points up the striking impact which the human race is having on ecosystems and natural resources across the planet.

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"In these times of global warming, mass extinctions and extreme weather changes, to name but a few, there is more need than ever to create artwork that reaches out to inspire change."

The event will include cheese and wine, and audience members will be asked to make a donation.

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