Appeal launched to raise £50,000 for Animal Health Trust which gave neglected dog Bertie back his sight

Claudia Hartley of the Animal Health Trust with Bertie.

Claudia Hartley of the Animal Health Trust with Bertie. - Credit: Archant

A previously neglected dog who is blind in one eye is on the road to recovery after surgery ... now a fundraising appeal has been launched so other dogs can get back their sight.

Bertie the Staffy with all his Valentine's cards.

Bertie the Staffy with all his Valentine's cards. - Credit: Archant

Staffy Bertie, who is now in the care of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue in Wisbech, received cataract surgery on his remaining eye to improve his quality of life after a fundraising group set up to help pay for the treatment raised more than £4,900.

The operation was carried out by the Animal Health Trust (AHT). Now, animal lovers have set up Bertie’s Mission to raise £50,000 so the organisation can use its expertise to give other dogs back their sight.

Chris Clark, of Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue, said: “After various tests, as suspected poor Bertie was completely blind in his left eye; his retina had completely detached, the eye was livid and it was suspected he was in pain.

“The other eye needed the cataract removing and everyone kept their fingers crossed that his sight could be saved.

“He has now had his cataract removed and the other eye has been taken out and is healing well.

“Both operations were successful and the AHT are pleased with the sight he has gained in his remaining eye. He’s in excellent health and has regular check-ups at AHT which will continue for some time to come.

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“Without surgical intervention, Bertie would have gone blind and he owes AHT a huge debt of gratitude; without their skill his outlook on life today would literally have been very different.

“They gave him his vision back, took away his pain and gave him a quality of life which was cruelly denied him before.

“Bertie’s Mission has been set up to help raise £50,000 for AHT so that they can help more animals like Bertie, prevent them from losing their sight and help prevent further eye disease.

“So please dig deep and help him raise funds for them so that other animals can benefit from their care and expertise.”

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