Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde come to the Fens

Anglian Players are in rehearsals for a production of Jekyll and Hyde. Picture: ANGLIAN PLAYERS

Anglian Players are in rehearsals for a production of Jekyll and Hyde. Picture: ANGLIAN PLAYERS - Credit: Archant

The classic story of Jekyll and Hyde is coming to the Fens thanks to the Anglian Players who are in rehearsal for their latest production.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are fictional characters in Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novella.

Dr Jekyll battles between good and bad within himself, leading to a struggle with his alter ego, Mr Hyde.

He spends his life trying to repress evil urges so develops a serum to mask his hidden depravity.

However, in doing so, Jekyll transforms into Hyde, a hideous creature without remorse who, in his alter ego state, tramples a young girl and beats a man to death.

Alan Hooks, of the Anglian Players, said rehearsals are progressing fantastically and it promises to be a fabulous adaptation of the classic tale.

“I wanted to thank everyone for all their hard work so far for Jekyl And Hyde,” he said.

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“The characters are starting to really establish themselves and everybody is really getting into it.

“It is a pleasure to be involved with such a hard-working and talented group.”

For the Anglian Players’ production Dr Jekyll is played by Alan Hooks.

Celestine (Jekyll’s love interest) is Joan Alexander, while Penny (Hyde’s woman) is Maria Whiting who has recently returned to the group.

Dr Lanyon is played by Nick Templey.

Utterson is played by Damien O’Donovan and Poole (Jekyll’s butler) is played by the youngest member, Ryan Fletcher.

Charlotte is played Rachel Webber and Hilda is played by Jackie Nosworthy.

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