Allegations surface that victim of street attack in Wisbech was singled out for being gay

Could CCTV hold clue to finding gay attackers?

Could CCTV hold clue to finding gay attackers? - Credit: Archant

A woman has told police she has CCTV images of an attack in Wisbech last night when a young man was allegedly beaten up for being gay.

She said the CCTV would be handed to police in a bid to identify the assailants.

Another woman has posted on social media that a friend tried to stop the attack that is alleged to have happened as people left local clubs in the early hours of Sunday.

She said that at closing time a group of men went up to the victim “and said threateningly ‘you’re coming with us.’”

She said a person she knows, who doesn’t know the victim, had told her the assailants went up to him and when he asked what the problem was they allegedly said it was because he was gay and they disapproved of it.

“The person I know pulled the lad back and said you’re not taking him anywhere” she said.

However she claims the assailants laid wait for the victim “and knocked him unconscious. The person I know waited with him until he was safe in the ambulance.

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“It is disgusting that a young boy, bothering no one, experienced this in this day and age. Sadly I guess this is a warning to try to stay safe when there are such vile people still about.”

One eye witness said: “I rang the ambulance and some of the people surrounding the guy were pushing and shoving me away; someone even hit me in the back of the head when I was on the phone trying to check if he was still breathing.

“It was all a bit too much really, people were fighting over the top of him and trampling all over the poor guy and smothering him.

“I don’t know him; I spoke to him briefly before the fight broke out trying to get him to move away from it all but it didn’t work.”

Others joined in condemnation of the attack with one writing that “poor lad - hope he makes a speedy recovery and doesn’t loose his confidence.

“I hate it when people judge people on their sexuality especially gents as I’m sure if it was a woman they wouldn’t give a rat’s arse.”

Another said she was “so disappointed with some people in Wisbech. Everybody has a right to be what they are. I do hope that the attackers are caught and punished and hope that the young man who was hurt is ok.”

Town councillor Billy Rackley said that when he first got elected he questioned police about having a presence at certain places after kicking out time.

“Prevention is better than cure,” he said. “In Norfolk Street in Lynn on Saturday night there is police everywhere.

“This is just one incident but believe me there are a lot more The police I feel should be doing more just my opinion.”