Alcohol treatment for woman who assaulted her husband

A HUSBAND assaulted by his drunken wife says he feels there is a stigma associated with men being the victims of domestic violence.

But he told police that his alcohol dependent wife needs help from Drinksense, because she has assaulted him on several occasions.

Julie Mann appeared before Fenland magistrates on Tuesday, and admitted assaulting her husband after police were called to an incident.

Earlier in the day, Mann had been so inebriated when she left a pub, that she was unable to walk unaided, and was put to bed.

She later turned up at a friend’s home with some alcohol: after the incident Mann told her husband not to give a statement, and called him a grass.

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“She was abusive towards her husband and was told to leave the room several times,” explained prosecutor Nicola Rice. “She got close to her husband’s face and hit him on the arm, and she told him to keep his mouth shut.”

After arrest, Mann’s husband gave a statement to police, saying his wife had a drink problem.

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“He says there is a stigma attached to male victims of domestic violence,” added Ms Rice.

Mann, 45, of Norwich Road, Wisbech, admitted assault. She could not remember hitting her husband, but had a memory of being abusive.

Fenland magistrates said they were impressed with actions Mann had taken to deal with her alcohol problem. She was given a 12-month supervision order with an alcohol treatment requirement.

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