A tight squeeze: Cambs Fire Service issues online warning to poor parkers after struggling to fit fire engine down Wisbech street

An "inconsiderately" parked Ford Ka made it difficult for a fire engine to make it down a street in

An "inconsiderately" parked Ford Ka made it difficult for a fire engine to make it down a street in Wisbech today (January 13). - Credit: Archant

Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service took to social media to issue a warning to motorists parking “inconsiderately” in Wisbech.

They took to Facebook to warn drivers of the perils of poor parking after one of their fire engines struggled to make it down a street earlier today thanks to a poorly-parked Ford Ka (January 13).

The online post said: “Inconsiderate parking can be a real issue for us, especially down narrow roads and near town centres.

“Firefighters from Wisbech were out today performing access checks and spent several minutes trying to get passed a car on the market.

“Make sure wherever you park, you leave enough room for large vehicles like fire engines and ambulances.”

PCSO Lisa Mann, who was on the patrol, said: “Inconsiderate and at times illegal parking is becoming an increasing issue in Wisbech.

“Parking in an inappropriate way could cause a delay in emergency services reaching an incident and therefore put lives at risk.

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“We urge people to think carefully about where they choose to leave their vehicle; ensuring it is parked legally and in a way that does not prevent larger vehicles from accessing the road.”

Watch Commander John Chelton, from Wisbech Fire Station, said: “Inappropriate parking is a particular problem in Wisbech because some of the roads are quite narrow and whilst they might think there’s enough room for a car to get through they forget large vehicles can’t get past. Whilst it might be ok for a car, it’s not ok for a fire engine.”

WC Chelton said the streets with the biggest problems were North Brink, that runs down the side of the river, and North Street in the town centre.

He said: “We would advise people to be more considerate and think about emergency services that need to get through because time is of the essence. If we have to spend five or ten minutes getting through because of inappropriate parking, it affects the incidents we are going to.”