A play a day keeps the half term boredom away as children turn into actors at The Angles Theatre

Some of the children showing off

Some of the children showing off - Credit: Archant

Curing the half term boredom, the Angles Theatre’s half term workshop saw a group of children put on a play a day.

The three-day workshop, which was run by Ratzcool, welcomed five to 11-year-olds to create a play each day.

The sessions were led by Billy Garner, who worked the children hard with warm-up games, dances, songs and acting.

After discussion with the children he helped them to devise and create their own different play every day.

He said: “It was challenging keeping the children fully occupied for five hours each day, but seeing their happy faces made it more than worthwhile.”

The children’s parents added that they were impressed with the workshops.

One said: “I didn’t think my daughter could act so well after just one day”, while another said “my son enjoyed himself so much that he would like to join Ratzcool as soon as possible.”

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Ratzcool is the Angles Theatre’s musical theatre school for children aged five to 18 and runs every Wednesday and Saturday during term time.