How many UFO sightings have there been across Cambridgeshire in the past 18 months? 

Newly released data from the organisation UFO Identified has revealed exactly that.

Below is a list of where, when and what sightings were reported across the county in 2023:

1. April 17 at 8.20pm - Cambridge: Beam of light in the shape of a ball flew towards the witness in his van at high speed, very low and with no sound. Duration: five seconds.

2. June 14 at 1am - St Ives: White-blue star much brighter than others suddenly 'turned off' then reappeared elsewhere with the same intensity then vanished. Duration: 10 minutes.

3. June 27 at 9.25am - Wimblington: Small black circular object stationary for thirty seconds then sped away at high speed towards the North. Duration: one minute.

4. July 24 at 8.54pm - St Neots: Bizarre flying shape, circular and black travelling at a steady speed and flight path. Object seemed to have lights on it. Duration: N/A.

5. September 7 at 9.50pm - Wisbech: Several, up to 15, silent white lights followed by two fighter jets then one single white light followed by an apache helicopter. Duration: two minutes. 

6. October 17 - Cambridge: Disturbing sounds and weird lights hovering above Orchard Park. Like a star but others coming from it flashing changing colours. 

7. December 23 at 6.30am - Peterborough: Mega structure bigger then a football pitch with multi-colour flashing lights. Stationary with straight lines visible. Duration: 10 minutes.

According to the UFO Identified, there have been no reported UFO sightings in Cambridgeshire so far this year.

You can also use our interactive map below to find out exactly where sightings have been reported across our county.

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