Steve Barclay said it is a "huge honour" to represent North East Cambridgeshire for a fifth term following an "extremely tough election" for the Conservative Party. 

Mr Barclay, who arrived at the Hudson Leisure Centre in Wisbech around 30 minutes before the declaration, was announced as the winner shortly before 3am. 

With members of his team stood watching, he took to the stage and said: "It is a huge honour and privilege to represent a community that I love so much and feel so much a part of.

“I will ensure that concerns raised with me on the campaign trail, and during my time as a MP, are given voice at Westminster.

He also thanked his "amazing team, family and friends, and anyone else who has worked on this campaign", adding that "a huge amount of effort has gone in“.

Talking about the national political picture, he said it has been an “extremely tough election for our party.

“Nationally, it is clear that tonight has been an extremely difficult night for the Conservatives.

“And it is the case that many of those who have supported the Conservative Party in past elections feel that they have not been able to come out and support us this time. 

"It is important that our party reflects deeply on that. 

"I will re-double my efforts to ensure our Conservative values are reflected as we think very seriously about what the public has communicated in this election."  

Full results break down for North East Cambridgeshire

  • Steve Barclay (Conservative): 16,246
  • Chris Thornhill (Reform): 9,057
  • Javeria Hussain (Labour): 8,008
  • David Chalmers (Liberal Democrats): 2,716
  • Andrew Crawford (Green): 2,001
  • David Patrick (Independent): 958
  • Clayton Payne (Workers Party of Britain): 190

How does Steve Barclay's win compare to the last General Election?

In the last election, in December 2019, Steve Barclay increased his majority in the consistency by 4,083 compared to his result in 2017.

Having achieved 29,993 votes, his was one of the largest majorities in the country at the time.

It was also more than two-and-a-half times the total of the other three candidates put together.

(Image: Newsquest)