Highlighting that retirement can be an opportunity for new experiences and friendships, the Capital of the Fens Oddfellows are encouraging retirees to make the most of their newfound freedom.

The group, located in and around Wisbech, is composed mainly of older adults and retirees, acknowledging the unique challenges faced during the early years of retirement.

Recent surveys conducted by the Oddfellows unveiled that nearly 40pc of retirees experience negative emotions like loneliness, boredom and a diminished sense of purpose and identity.

Boredom hit within the first year for 66pc of those surveyed, while 34pc felt this within just three months.

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Factors contributing to this boredom were identified as having too much free time (64pc), a lack of motivation or purpose (61pc), and the struggle with establishing a daily routine (50pc).

As part of their ongoing efforts to help the retired population stay involved, active, and satisfied, Oddfellows emphasises the importance of engaging with new people, trying out new activities, and exploring new places.

The social organiser for Capital of the Fens Oddfellows, Tina Day-Coombes said: “You have grand plans when you retire, and rightly so, but the reality is that you have lots of free time on your hands and you need to give it structure and purpose.

"It can be hard to keep yourself motivated each day.

“It’s commonplace to plan for your finances in retirement, but it’s also important to make sure you look after your emotional and social needs, too.

"We can definitely help with that,”

Apart from the social aspect, being a member of Oddfellows also offers access to a wide array of benefits including care and welfare support, a travel club and numerous volunteering opportunities.

Additionally, there are plenty of chances to participate in fundraising for commendable causes.

The group organises approximately 10 events each month in the Wisbech vicinity, ranging from convivial coffee mornings, informative talks and lunches, to engaging excursions.

The schedule for July and August feature activities such as guided tours of Octavia Hill's birthplace, drum circles, lunches and coffee mornings.

Moreover, Oddfellows operate around 60 online events each month which are free and open to everyone.

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Lynne Quibell, 78 and a retired administrator, claims that having regular Oddfellows events on her calendar has enhanced her retirement experience.

She said: “You can also try activities that wouldn’t normally come your way, like holding an owl, trips out and some of the guest talks.

"You need to stay curious and try new things or boredom can definitely creep in."

To learn more about the Capital of the Fens Oddfellows, or to request an upcoming schedule for local events, individuals can contact Tina Day-Coombes or visit their website.

Email tina.day-coombes@oddfellows.co.uk or call 07751 777862.

To request details online, or to see a range of advice around retirement, visit www.oddfellows.co.uk/retirement.