Residents and staff at Hickathrift House Care Home in Marshland St James, Wisbech, commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings by sharing personal memories and participating in community events.

To honour the largest combined land, air and naval operation in history, Hickathrift House Care Home marked the with a special tribute by lighting the Lamp of Peace.

The Lamp Light Of Peace is a traditional oil lantern. Its ruby red colouring represents the ultimate sacrifice made by brave men and women across the globe.

Wisbech Standard: DDay Lamp of Light with Hickathrift's oldest resident Norah.DDay Lamp of Light with Hickathrift's oldest resident Norah. (Image: Hickathrift House)

As the home's general manager, Paula Colman, lit the flame, the residents and staff took a moment to reflect. The light represents the ‘light of peace’ that emerged from the darkness of war.

The home was decorated in red, white and blue and residents and staff dressed up in their 1940s-inspired landgirl outfits and enjoyed the afternoon reminiscing and singing along to Vera Lynn.

It was especially poignant for some residents. Dorothy, a resident at Hickathrift House, recalls being in London when Winston Churchill made the announcement and she celebrated in the streets with hundreds of others.

Residents and staff attended the D-Day Summer Fair at Walpole St Andrew's Church a few days later. The celebration included themed music, military vans, fair games like coconut shy and refreshments.

Margaret, a resident at Hickathrift House said: “The military vans bring back several memories from long ago. We must keep alive the memories of those who fought and also think about those involved in conflicts around the world today. Thank you to the team for preparing such a lovely tribute."

Paula Colman, general manager at Hickathrift House said: “D-Day is such an important day in history, and commemorating the event allows us to think about lives that have been lost, and remind us of the people still putting their lives on the line.”