Capital of the Fens Oddfellows, a local friendship group, is encouraging people to make new connections and friendships this spring.

The group is made up of around 250 people, mostly older and retired members, who meet up regularly.

Together, they go to events and activities in the Wisbech area.

Tina Day-Coombes, Social Organiser at Capital of The Fens Oddfellows, said: "There are lots of obstacles that can get in the way of making friends, particularly as we get older.

"Not knowing how to start, or where to look, is often the first and most difficult hurdle, so we want people to know that we're here and will help to remove as many barriers as possible."

Some of the upcoming social activities that the group is running include free monthly coffee mornings, afternoon tea at Thorney Golf Centre for £15 in April, lunch at The Woolpack for £10,95 in May, and a free Sea Shanty Workshop in September.

Tina added: "We keep the prices of our events to a minimum in order to make them as accessible and affordable as possible."

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She continued: "We have a variety of events for people to try, and a whole host of people to do it with them.

"If you're nervous about trying out a new group, many of our regulars felt that way in the beginning.

"We do all we can to put people at ease, and they can always call ahead to get an idea of what to expect."

The group also runs around 60 online events every month, all of which are free and open to everyone.

As well as social events, the group also has access to care and welfare support, as well as a travel club.

To join the Oddfellows society, it costs £25 a year to be a member.