The GMB Union says more than 170 Wisbech Asda workers are set to strike after voting “overwhelmingly” in favour of industrial action.  

The trade union says the ballot was sparked by cuts to hours and an increase in bullying management culture.  

More than 97 per cent of its members voted to walk out, with a turnout of 87 per cent.  

GMB also says workers are angry about poor levels of training and support for their job roles, the equal pay claim dragging on for years, and health, safety and fire safety issues being ignored. 

Meanwhile, Asda says it has taken “proactive and practical steps” to address the heath and safety points and has “repeatedly asked”, and is “still waiting”, for evidence related to allegations about store management. 

Keith Dixon, GMB Regional Organiser said: “Asda Wisbech workers will now go on strike – just the second time this has happened in an Asda store – after this historic vote.   

“They’re understandably angry about slashed hours, a non-existent training programme, bullying management, a lack of understanding for H&S and fire safety and almost no negotiation with GMB.   

“These problems stem from the top; money is being stripped out of the business and workers in stores are feeling the pain.” 

He added: "Asda workers in Wisbech aren’t going to take it anymore.”   

When the strike days will take place is to be announced. 

An Asda spokesperson said: “Although we are disappointed by the GMB’s decision to proceed with this course of action, we will continue to engage with them and listen to their concerns.  

“While any potential disruption to colleagues and customers is unwelcome, we have comprehensive plans in place to minimise any disruption in the event of industrial action.”