A manhunt in Wisbech led to the local police team tackling three crime incidents in the Fens.

In a statement on Facebook, the Wisbech Neighbourhood Policing Team confirmed that officers were on a manhunt on January 19 for a person wanted for a number of burglaries across Wisbech.

At the first address that Wisbech officers tried, a male gave them false details and tried to go on the run. The man, who was wanted on a warrant, was then arrested on suspicion of non-dwelling burglary.

He was taken to the Police Investigation Centre in Kings Lynn.

After the arrest, Wisbech officers then found a vehicle which had been stolen from a non-dwelling burglary. The vehicle was then recovered.

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On a separate run on the same day, the Wisbech Neighbourhood Policing Team attended another address.

The man at this address tried to hide from officers by sitting in the dark. He eventually gave himself up and was arrested on suspicion of non-dwelling burglary. 

The Wisbech Neighbourhood Policing Team said on Facebook: "To the other naughty people who are still on the run, you can run, you can hide, but we will find you!"