A world-leading expert on Stonehenge and professor of later prehistory at University College London is coming to Fenland later this month.

Professor Mike Parker Pearson will present Fenland Archaeological Society's inaugural Chris Green Memorial Lecture in Wisbech on Tuesday January 23. 

Chris, who died a year ago, was a founder member of FenArch and the group's treasurer for many years.

The lecture, titled 'Stonehenge: New Discoveries', explores the questions of who built Stonehenge, when, how and why. It also investigates its wider context in its landscape and further afield.

Josephine Fried, committee member of Fenland Archaeological Society, said: "Our knowledge of this iconic prehistoric monument and the people who built it has changed dramatically in the last few years.

"Not only from the results of archaeological excavation and geophysical survey, but also from scientific advances in the laboratory involving researchers from many organisations.

This talk will be on Tuesday January 23 at Wisbech Rugby Club, Chapel Road, Wisbech, PE13 1RG, starting at 7pm.

Booking is essential so email info@fenarch.org.uk to book your place. 

Admission is £4 for non-members.

As Chris Green was a long-time supporter of The Royal British Legion, proceeds from this event will benefit the RBL.