Police in Wisbech have been cracking down on street drinking this week.

Officers were out on foot patrol around the town centre as part of Operation Luscombe to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime in the town centre.

During the patrol, police patrolled areas covered by the Public Spaces Protection Order and spoke to a number of people whilst out and about.

"It has proven really useful to understand what the public want us to focus on," said a spokesman. 

Wisbech Standard:

"If you didn't get a chance to speak with us, you can share your views on what you would like us to prioritise by completing our short survey.

"While out on patrol there were no issues found by us in relation to street drinking or any anti-social behaviour."

Police did, however, find a naughty elf being anti-social in the memorial gardens and breaching the PSPO.

Wisbech Standard:

“Elf clearly hasn’t learnt from his tree incident in March from this week,” police jokes on social media.

“There was no Christmas cheer when he lost his beer.”

Patrols will continue by the team at all times of the day.