Students at Meadowgate Academy in Wisbech enjoyed a visit from the Mazda MX5 Owners Club.

While there, they learnt about the evolution of the Mazda MX5 car and were able to explore the cars in detail.

The club brought along four cars, ranging from the earliest model to a 2018 version.

Students from upper school really enjoyed being able to sit in the cars and fulfil some racing driver dreams, especially when hearing the engines being started with a throaty roar.

Wisbech Standard: MX5 Owners Club members with mechanics studentsMX5 Owners Club members with mechanics students (Image: Meadowgate Academy)

The owners spoke to the mechanics students about the engine specs and finer details, whilst answering questions posed by both staff and students.

Emma Bird, of Meadowgate Academy, said: "Thanks to Barry and Jen Grigg, Peter Midgeley and Mark Pratt from the owners club for providing such an interactive experience."

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