A memento that commemorates the historic community tramway that inspired characters from the Thomas the Tank Engine author has been unveiled.  

The Wisbech to Upwell Tramway first started operating in 1883 and provided a passenger and freight service between the rural villages and the town.  

Initially, the line ran to Outwell and extended to Upwell the following year. 

To ensure the tramway’s legacy is never forgotten, heritage enthusiasts revealed a fourth memento related to the line earlier at the Boyce’s Bridge Depot.  

Local historian Bill Smith, of Outwell, is leading the project to commemorate the tramway.  

He said: “I was delighted to see so many people interested in coming along to the unveiling even though the weather was awful.  

“It does make all the hard work worthwhile and shows that the tramway is not forgotten and is important to the area and to the old and young alike.”    

Wisbech Standard: Bill Smith (back), sisters Alexandra and Ariana Dixon, and Norman Paget after the unveiling.Bill Smith (back), sisters Alexandra and Ariana Dixon, and Norman Paget after the unveiling. (Image: Supplied)The memento was built and donated by Cousins of Emneth.  

Norman Paget, a retired local Forage Merchant, and sisters Ariana and Alexandra Dixon who live opposite the new feature, were handed the honour of its unveiling.

The first three mementos are located at the former tramyard sites in Upwell and Outwell, as well as the Lance Hunter-Rowe Boat Haven in Outwell.  

At the service’s peak, there were six trams a day in each direction.  

Competition from the Outwell Omnibus Company started by Charles Robb in 1920 eventually ended passenger services in 1927.  

Freight continued until 1966 when it was cut as part of the “Beeching Axe”. The final tram journey took place May 20, 1966. 

Reverend Wilbert Awdry who lived in Emneth and created the Thomas the Tank Engine is said to have been inspired by the tramways rolling stock for his characters.  

These include Toby the Tram Engine and his coach, Henrietta and later, Mavis, the Drury diesel tram.