Upwell Academy welcomed police constable Chris Lorraine and police constable Iain Fisher to the school earlier this month.

The officers were invited to support them with the children’s campaign in creating a safer school environment during the school run, as well as promoting active travel.

Pupils in reception and from Little Sunshine’s Pre-School were thrilled to meet the officers.

They spoke about their job and uniform and answered all of children’s questions.

They reminded pupils to ensure they always stay with a trusted adult, and let them know straight away if they are approached by anyone they don't know.

The children and adults enjoyed a chance to see their patrol car and they had lots of fun turning on and off the lights and sirens.

Miss Ellington said: "The officers will join us again soon and throughout the year:

  • to lead a whole school assembly and discuss the British Value ‘Rule of Law’
  • to meet with the Pupil Leadership Team to discuss the children’s action plan for an improved school run
  • to speak to Key Stage 2 children about careers