Staff and pupils at Orchards CofE Academy in Wisbech held a harvest festival with a  twist this year.

Families were encouraged to donate food items in the morning, with the bonus of being able to collect a bag of goodies in the afternoon.

Food donations came in from all around the community, with staff going above and beyond in their generosity, bringing bags of food including, pasta, bread, biscuits and plenty of tinned goods.

Headteacher Sarah Cullen said: “This year we wanted to do something as a gesture to the families at our school.

“We came up with the idea of being able to give as many families as possible a bag of store cupboard food that would help them create an entire meal for the family.

“We encouraged those who donated to pledge what they could, with the idea that we’d sort through all of the donations and re-organise the goods into bags that would help each family to make a meal.”

Donations were dropped off at 9am with a team of volunteers on hand to sort and arrange into new bags for as many as 35 families.

Sarah added: “There was such a buzz of excitement when everyone came to collect their harvest bags. The pool of donations was fabulous.

“Not only had parents donated, but staff had made a huge contribution too. It was great to see so many parents collect their bags with pride.

“The idea worked really well and it was lovely to see everyone happily taking a bag away.

“We have a wonderful community here that pulls together – we’re all very proud of that.”