Dozens of residents came forward in support of a planning application proposing to convert an agricultural field into three commercial units including a shop which is expected to have a post office, a hot food unit and an ATM in Tydd St Giles.

The plans also include a first floor, one-bedroom flat and a three-bedroom house at the rear of the site with parking provisions for up to 11 cars.

The application was submitted by N Sundravadra to the Fenland District Council and has now been granted approval this week.

Residents in the village have come forward with pouring support for the new development, with some saying “it would be a great benefit to the village”, as they haven't had a post office or a shop for about 10 years now.

They say, “It’s just what the village needs, especially for the elderly.”

Some residents who welcomed the local shop offering, suggested  “it would boost local economy, bring jobs to the area and will be great for the environment as people would not need to use their cars to travel afar for amenities.”

Although, it received a lot of support, some village locals have raised concers for the plans, adding that “the infrastructure to support the development is not suitable including narrow roads and the lay-by near the site often has cars parked.”

Some even raised concerns of the ATM’’s position in the proposed centre and “how safe would it be to use?”

These concerns were echoed by representation from Cambridgeshire Constabulary who said: “concerns around external ATM machines, which company will be providing the ATM and what is their security strategy.

ATM thefts are a high risk particularly within rural communities, there have been a significant number of these within the county and these thefts are on the increase

Cambridgeshire Constabulary currently has a force-wide operation.

The district council held a meeting and heard comments from residents – both in support and against the planning application.

In the end they lent their support to the proposal and said: “In view of the parish council’s desire to see a village shop return to the village and the level of public support for a village shop, members resolved to offer no objection.”

The planning statement says: "Our proposed site has a community centre right opposite and house in either side.

"Again, the support from the villagers prove it is not a speculative venture, besides I feel these comments are not very negative and unsupportive from the officer.

"However, we had had a survey done by our current business supplier on how well the business at Tydd St.Giles would do. This survey came back expecting high business turnaround. The village had a good size population."

The plans were approved this week, however it is subject to conditions recommended by Highways Authority and Cambridgeshire Constabulary being met.

The approval also clarified, “no construction or demolition work shall be carried out and no plant or power operated machinery operated other than between the 8am and 6pm on Monday to Friday, and 8am to 1pm on Saturday and at no time on Sundays, bank or public holidays. This is to protect the amenity of the adjoining properties.”

You can view the application here.