RKA Kickboxing Academy have just returned from the 2022 WKUworld Championships with 13 medals and a new world champion. 

Members of the March-based academy represented Team England along with co-owner Stuart Harris at the tournament in Wales.

In the men’s categories, Vojtech “Sam” Sykora won gold in the men's plus 90kg full contact, plus silver in the light continuous and men's team light continuous events.

Alex Spittal won silver in the men's under 85kg full contact and bronze in the light continuous class, while Harris won bronze in the men's veterans plus 85kg light continuous event.

In the 15-17 age category, Jack Spillett won silver medal in the under 65kg full contact competition while Max Arnold claimed bronze medal in light continuous.

Riley Holland won bronze in the men’s under 75kg light continuous and silver in the kick light.

And in the 13-14 age category, Oscar Atwal won bronze in the plus 65kg light continuous class as Paul James Haddow achieved bronze in light continuous and a silver in low kick.