What was planned to be a usual trip to the supermarket turned into a rather memorable day for one shopper. 

Jess arrived at the Asda supermarket in Wisbech at around 10.30am on November 2 when she was approached by ITV staff. 

“I got asked if I knew the game In for a Penny and if I would like to play, so I said yes,” she said. 

“I then went and did my shopping, told not to pay for it, and then called to the end till to be greeted by the production team.” 

It was here where Jess met In for a Penny host Stephen Mulhern for a game of ‘higher or lower’. 

When the TV presenter placed four random items on the till, Jess was tasked with guessing whether one item was more or less expensive than the last. 

“Stephen scanned the first item, Asda cranberry juice; I then had to say whether the price of the next item was higher or lower,” said Jess. 

“The next item was Baxters soup, then Asda custard tarts and Yorkshire puddings, which I all answered correctly.” 

Wisbech Standard: Stephen Mulhern filming 'In for a Penny' in Asda, Wisbech.Stephen Mulhern filming 'In for a Penny' in Asda, Wisbech. (Image: Submitted)

After her victory, it meant Jess’ shopping totalling £99.73 would all be paid for by ITV. 

It is an experience that the fan of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, where In for a Penny originates from, would never have predicted to have happened. 

“I always thought the In for a Penny segment was a good idea, [but] never thought I would one day end up playing it in Wisbech of all places,” she said. 

“Stephen and everyone brought laughter to Asda that day; even the security guard was involved in the filming.” 

Jess added: “If you get approached by any productions teams to play a game, do it! Life’s too short to not give things a try.” 

In for a Penny challenges members of the public across the country to compete for cash through taking part in a series of games.   

Mulhern’s visit to Wisbech is due to be broadcast on Boxing Day.