A Fenland student correctly answered one question and won a new laptop and a pair of headphones.

Year 11 student William Horspool correctly answered the billionth question on web-based education resource Educake.

For this, the Thomas Clarkson Academy student was presented with a laptop and a pair of headphones by the managing director of Educake, Charley Darbishire.

TCA is also set to benefit, as William also won the school a year-long science subscription to Educake.

Head of science at TCA, Preetha Raj, said: “Along with the questions set by teachers, students love to download questions and answer them and they get instant feedback from Educake.

“It motivates them to do better. The simple layout and carefully chosen questions makes it an effective homework tool for our students.”

He had to answer the question: “Which travels faster through air, light or sound?” The answer is light - 186,000 miles per second, or 300,000km. Sound is just 0.2miles per second or 0.3km.