A street pride group has been launched in Christchurch with litter pickers collecting 25 bags of rubbish on their first walk.

Fourteen residents joined the group to pick up waste such as crisp packets and sweet wrappers - and even an office chair.

It came as part of a project set up by Nate Lansdell who created the community-led scheme Christchurch Eco - that has stopped 41 kilos of waste going to landfill in three months before Christmas.

Nate said: "It's another great success for our little community and for Christchurch Eco.

"We collected 15 bags of recycled materials, 10 bags of non-recycled materials and an office chair.

"We are officially hoping to start street pride in March, where members will be elected such as a chair a treasurer and secretary, and we will be also integrating the green dog walker scheme into the program as well."

Councillor Will Sutton was also present to support the group and offer his encouragement.