Nearly 100 pairs of glasses have been collected by Wisbech Lions Club in a bid to benefit third world communities.

The club is in partnership with different businesses including Coakley Opticians in Wisbech, Etcetera and Asda who set up collecting bins for unwanted glasses.

Those glasses are then transferred to Chichester Lions Club before they are graded and redistributed to countries in the likes of Africa and Asia.

“The glasses are then broken up into components, some used for other things and usable parts rather than going to landfill,” Bill Batrick, secretary of Wisbech Lions, said.

“I’ve been a Lion for nearly 25 years and it still amazes me about the generosity of people and in this day and age, it’s nice to turn round and see those things reused.”

Wisbech Lions are also collecting food for the town’s food bank and helping raise funds towards a project at Leverington sports and social club.