A student from Wisbech has made her voice heard at the highest level after featuring in a film at COP26 about the future of the Fens.

18-year-old Alisha Cox, a sixth form student at Thomas Clarkson Academy, was chosen to take part in one of two films presented by Anglian Water.

The films showcase the voices of young people.

Alisha's segment of the film highlights the issue of a lack of professional job opportunities in the area and the fact she will have to leave her hometown to enable her to follow her career choices.

She hopes to become a midwife but knows she will have to move out of the area to train and practice as she wants to work specifically in intensive care for babies.

It’s a move Alisha hopes future generations may not have to make.

“It is a shame that we have to move out, but I can’t study here,” she said.

“Filming it was really exciting – they had proper cameras and we had to go to the North Brink for a location.”

The film was shown at the resilience hub, created as a physical and virtual presence at the two-week convention to highlight the increasing risk of drought and flooding.

Wisbech is at the heart of the Fens, which are low-lying and described as being ‘on the front line’ of rising sea levels and extreme weather events.

It is also the driest part of the country with the risk of water shortages and a risk to the unique landscape.

The challenges also create barriers to development across multiple sectors including housing, industry, transport and agriculture, according to Anglian Water.

Academy principal Richard Scott said: “We were delighted to be asked to take part in such an important project and know how much Alisha valued the experience she had.

“We all share her aspirations for the people of Wisbech and the surrounding area to have better opportunities.”

Alisha also had the chance to put a pre-filmed question to Prime Minister Boris Johnson as part of the project.

She asked him: “How are you going to involve and empower young people in your plans?”

The event also included North East Cambridgeshire MP Steve Barclay in a recorded keynote speech.