For one family-run business, they perhaps could not have asked for a more successful appearance on Cambridgeshire County Day.

Elgood’s Brewery of Wisbech was one of the many businesses that were being showcased as part of the inaugural county-wide event held in Newmarket today (Thursday).

In fact, it was the best time to show off some of their royal flavours.

“We have tried to brew something for Jubilees, such as a Diamond Jubilee ale and a William and Kate drink,” Belinda Sutton, managing director at Elgood’s, said.

“We’ve had lots of people try our ale and luckily, no one has spat it out yet!”

One of Elgood’s notable ales on show, the ‘Windsor Knot’, was a tribute to when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married in 2011.

And fortunately for Belinda and company, when they were visited by the royal couple at the July Course, they gained two new supporters.

“They were pleased about the Windsor Knot,” said Belinda.

“Kate was very interested to know more about the ingredients used in our products and we also gave them a gift.

“It made me worry thinking about it (before William and Kate’s visit), but as soon as they got here, they were so friendly.”

Elgood’s was only a select few businesses and organisations that William and Kate visited during their time at Cambridgeshire County Day.

Since a brewery in Wisbech was taken over by the Elgood’s family in 1878, five generations have ran the firm which now include Belinda’s daughters Molly-Anne and Rosie.

But Belinda, who has worked for Elgood’s for 38 years, hopes that by appearing at Cambridgeshire County Day, they can spread a different kind of message to residents.

“We’d like to build a visitor centre behind the brewery,” she said.

“We’re hoping it might bring something beneficial to Wisbech, such as more jobs, and we’re also trying to get children interested in hospitality.”

Elgood’s has applied to host weddings at their North Brink site in future, as the company aims to venture into unchartered territory.

Belinda added: “When the visitor centre is completed, we hope to have wedding fayres and hopefully be successful.”