One of Cambridgeshire’s farming groups hopes that this year’s County Day has helped change the way it is perceived in the public eye.

Cambridgeshire Young Farmers, which caters for people aged 10-28-years-old, has four clubs dotted across the county with one, in March, planned to reopen in September.

Jess Shakeshaft, county organiser and Tom Campbell, county treasurer, are two members keen to ensure a particular phrase can attract people from all walks of life.

“You don’t have to be a farmer, to be a young farmer,” they said.

Members of the group can take on activities from cooking to water park trips, with clubs in Soham, Huntingdon, Comberton and Newborough.

Both Jess and Tom have been playing their part at Cambridgeshire Young Farmers for a combined 18 years, and are optimistic they can encourage others to do the same.

They added: “It is about getting the awareness of what young farmers do and you learn lifelong skills."