Cambridgeshire dad Terry McSpadden has not been seen for 15 years

Terry McSpadden, who went missing in March 2007

Terry McSpadden went missing in March 2007 - Credit: Supplied

March 2022 marks 15 years since Terry McSpadden went missing after a night out at a Cambridgeshire pub.

Father-of-two Terry was last seen on March 1, 2007, when he was aged 24, although an electronic tag which Terry was wearing registered a signal at his friend's home the next morning.

Terry had spent the night out with friends at The Locomotive pub in Wisbech and had withdrawn £100 from a Tesco cash point in the early hours of the morning.

Despite several appeals and campaigns by Missing People and Locate International, nobody has seen him for 15 years.

Helen Thrower, Terry's mum, said in a 2021 podcast: "I know in my heart of hearts that he's not coming back."

Terry McSpadden, who was last seen in a Wisbech pub

Terry McSpadden was last seen in The Locomotive, Wisbech - Credit: Supplied

Terry was living with his friend Jonathan Porter in Elm, near Wisbech, when he went missing.

In the months before his disappearance, Terry was fitted with an electronic bracelet in January 2007 and was given a weekend curfew after a drinking-related offence.

On February 17, Terry told his friends and family that he had fallen asleep on the sofa, but woke up feeling suffocated.

He found himself tightly wrapped in "industrial-style cling film".

Terry alleged at the time that he was drugged.

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He did not show up for work on March 2, and his electronic bracelet went out of range at 8.43am.

He was declared a missing person shortly afterwards.

The Wisbech Standard from February 22, 2008 - "Terry McSpadden: Whatever happened to the likely lad?"

The Wisbech Standard in February 2008, one year after the disappearance of Terry McSpadden - Credit: Archant

A murder trial reached Norwich Crown Court in 2013, but a judge dismissed the case due to insufficient evidence.

A coroner looked into the case in 2016 but recorded an open verdict, saying that it is highly likely that Terry died on the day that he disappeared.

In 2021, Terry's mum Helen was interviewed for a podcast series called The Missing.

Helen said: "I have a photograph of Terry on my fridge. I talk to him every day.

"He's never going to answer my questions.

"He's never going to say 'I love you mum' again."

The Missing People charity has a live appeal to try to find Terry, with the reference number 10-000639.

Reports can be made by phone or text to 116 000.