Wisbech Town Centre RIP

AFTER seeing the recent headline of “500 more jobs” local unemployed people may well be jumping for joy. I would ask where these jobs come from? The numbers do not add up.

If this was a brand new business setting up in Wisbech then there would be new jobs but this is a relocation of an existing business. Tesco currently employs 291 staff, the article says the Tesco promises 500 full and part time jobs will be created.

So its going to double in size and the redevelopment of the old site will create another 200 jobs...Hmmmm.

Are Tesco doing this to promote and benefit all businesses in Wisbech?? Pigs might fly!

Here is an opportunity for a supermarket to expand its retail area to take control of the local economy. The new store will sell everything..Wonderful... a one stop shop....HOLD ON A MINUTE.

There is only so much money and spending power in Wisbech and all that will happen is that it will transfer to Tesco Extra from other retailers and competitors and most importantly all those hard pressed shops in the town centre. The independents will go bust and the chains either move to the new development or leave altogether. Which means people will LOSE THEIR JOBS! But at least Tesco will be employing...

This has been seen in towns across the country, “out of town shopping” kills small shops and town centres and the people working there lose their jobs and livelihood. In your article regarding the lady wanting to set up a hairdressing salon in her garage, she appealed to the Government Planning Inspectorate who overturned the decision stating that “It would not have any impact on the viability of the town centre”, so does that imply that the Tesco development wont either? Some may say the market place could be reborn as a piazza with cafes and bars....This ain’t Paris.....The market place will become a ghost town filled with boarded up shops and the current market traders will leave.

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But hey councillors....look on the bright side....you wont have to deal with the perennial issue of illegal parking in the market square any more, no one will ever need to park there again.......