Wisbech store’s 6am-11pm licence will only add to a growing decline

AFTER reading your latest article about Wisbech International Food & Wine’s application for a 6am-11pm licence, I feel I must right to express my concerns about such a move.

I have lived in Wisbech for the past 23 years but over the last few years I have noticed a growing decline in the litter/cans in the streets of our town.

I have enclosed just a couple of pictures I took in Wisbech park at 8am on Mothering Sunday, it clearly shows the disregard to the no drinking rules and, as far as littering in the area, I think the photo says it all.

Whilst it may be politically incorrect to point the finger it is time somebody said what we are all aware of, a place open at these times of day will only add to the drinking culture problem we already have and to the decline in our town.

I for one am fed up of seeing empty cans of beer left laying in the street and pushed into hedges or left around park benches.

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