Wisbech Institute members learn fascinating fruit facts on farm visit

FRIENDS of Wisbech Institute visited Manning’s Fruit Farm learning about the science and techniques of producing high quality English apples.

They were given fascinating facts and figures by Roger Manning on the care needed to harvest successful crops.

After inspecting the chilly cold stores and learning how carefully the fruit needs to be stored, members then went on to visit the hi-tech pack house to watch apples being gently floated out of the bulk bin in which they had been stored.

The fruit is then stored, dried and polished before being photographed 15 times by three cameras to judge the size and colour of the apples. A computer then works out the size and grade of each apple, remembers which container it occupies and discharges it into the correct bin.

On Thursday February 17 the programme of events will continue with ‘Fruitful Wisbech’ with veterans of the Wisbech fruit growing industry. It will form the basis of the first attempt to record a complete history of fruit growing in and around the town.