LETTER: ‘No mention of the promised Wisbech to March rail link’

Wisbech. Picture: STEVE PARSONS

Wisbech. Picture: STEVE PARSONS - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Congratulations to the Hereward Community Rail Partnership on the new logo and marketing materials.

It was nice to see Councillor David Oliver so enthusiastic about these trifles, albeit, I would surmise, expensive trifles, and free train rides for the committee, whoo whoo chuff chuff.

Am I wrong or doesn’t David Oliver represent Wisbech on FDC? Funny no mention of the promised Wisbech to March rail link in this story, although of course the metropholis of Manea gets a prominent place in the story.

Wisbech Capital of the Fens? You know you’re in trouble with that claim when Manea top trumps you for a train station, not to mention March and Whittlesey – still we have The Castle.

What is this group actually trying to achieve? Surely if you are a train user, you already use the train, and if you’re not, are you suddenly going to think ‘well I’ve lived in March for sixty years and I didn’t realise those big metal things on rails could take me to other places, what a fool I have been, thank you Councillors Oliver and Owen, without you I would have remained ignorant all my life” – sarcasm.

Rearranging the Titanic deck chairs and polishing a turd come to mind, more wasted council tax money. There must be a department at FDC titled ‘lets waste more council tax money, and p**s off even more ratepayers’. It’s probably next to the ‘how much more can we pay Paul Medd to be an invisible chief executive’ department. Let’s kick them out on May 2.

Ned Ludd, Wisbech St Mary

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